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Electronic Waste Management in India, Using electronic devices has increased a lot in the IT sector. Because of the rapid development of new electronic gadgets, consumers are eager to drop the old ones and use the new device. The problem of e-waste is increasing outstanding when people discard the old device. We have to get rid of this problem.

E-waste is when an electronic device is out of use or is out of warranty. Any type of electronic device can be called e-waste. For example, computers, laptops, phones, hard disks, printers, calculators, TVs, iPods, etc. because of rapid advancements in technology, all the old devices are fast replaced with new models, which has led to a rapid increase in e-waste production. Is. Because the inclination of the logo is more towards the new model.

Metals such as gold, silver, and copper are abundant in e-waste, which can be recovered and put back into production.

Metals such as gold, silver, and copper are abundant in e-waste, which can be recovered and put back into production. India has implemented the E-Waste Management Rules in March 2018 by the government to ease the environment from e-waste. Due to this awareness about e-waste should come among the people. E-waste should be reduced. And solve the whole problem which is related to e-waste.

Impact of Recycling E-Waste in the Developing World

Imported electronics can litter towns and villages in developing countries. The threat to human health and the environment can be significant. It also contains some of the highest amounts of cancer-causing dioxins. Some e-waste comprises dangerous toxic substances. For example, lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic. These substances, after burning, and crushing, produce poisonous acids. Due to this our land and environment have to suffer a lot.

Deposit e-waste in landfills produces toxic chemicals. Because of this, there is a lot of harm to the health of human beings and our environment. Man has to deal with many dangerous diseases and our land becomes barren because of these poisonous chemicals. Along with this, go through many other problems. Keep all this in mind, the United States and many other developed countries have made it illegal to dispose of electronics in landfills.

Electronic Waste Management in India

India comes at number five in the country in terms of e-waste production. According to the Basel Action Network, e-waste collects in the US. 80% of waste collected in the United States comes from India. Because India has low-salaried workers in the country, the export of e-waste to the United States is allowed. After the 1990s, when economic liberalization began, India faced problems related to e-waste. faced. Suddenly there was fierce competition between Indian and foreign companies in terms of quality, price, and access, which led to the emergence of many electronic industries in India. 

We need a long-term solution: 

Nowadays, everyone uses electronic gadgets. Whether it is a child or an elder, everyone needs it. Now people purchase a new device according to their needs and sell the old device with no worries or give it to someone. Because of this, there is also a fear of their data being misused. Along with this, the umbrella also reaches the environment. Why is the device sold to whomever? He does not know how to dispose of it. Because of this, he throws metal, copper, gold, glass, and plastic at the same time. 

Some people delete all their important data while leaving their old device so that it is not misused. Which is a wonderful decision. Then think that now this data will not go into the hands of anyone. So do you think that this way your data is completed lost? Now will never come back again. If so, then you are thinking wrong. Recovering your data is not a big deal for today’s “vicious” thieves or cybercriminals.

Removal and Relocation

In today’s time, garbage has become a big problem for us. Whether it is household waste, offices, temples, or factories, everyone throws them everywhere without thinking about the future consequences. People clean their homes, offices, and factories. But they forget that nature has to be taken care of. The government is also trying to publicize the movement through television advertisements in the coming days. Even after still, people ignore it. 

Because of the garbage, our environment is facing a lot of trouble. People are throwing trash anywhere. Plastic, metal, phone battery, copper, brass, food, cloth, and wet-dry garbage are all being thrown away in one go, due to which animals, humans, and eco are all getting spoiled. People are told again and again that your IT asset, house, and wet and dry garbage should be thrown separately. Nobody cares what happens in the country.


The management of e-waste presents significant challenges for the governments of many developing countries. This is a big issue related to the health of the people, increasing day by day. It is very important to complete isolate recycle and dispose of e-waste in the landfill. To get rid of the problem of e-waste, the government should make a strict plan so that people are alert and stay away from e-waste.

Opportunities and challenges of Electronic Waste Management in India

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