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Having gained the reputation of the best e-waste recyclers in India, we provide sustainable solutions for recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). While rendering these services, data security remains our top priority. Our core expertise lies in providing e-waste management services.

Trusted, Secure and Sustainable e-Waste Solutions

Taking pride in having nationwide facilities, we provide complete on-site disposal and off-site storage and recycling of your electronic waste. We are a trusted and certified firm providing efficient, prompt, and reliable e-waste management services. Our customer-centric approach, dedicated staff, and state-of-the-art facilities keep us ahead of the competitors.

We have capabilities to serve all sizes of organizations (Small, Medium, and Large). At USH, we deliver nothing less than the best. Our certifications are a testimony of what we do and what we can.

Electronics Waste

USH India Recycler's: One Stop & Solutions For IT Assest Disposal

We consider each and every client as partner with USH India who stand with us,We have more than 10+yr of experiecence in waste recycling. We are the Top 10 e-Waste management company in India, we consider for reliable, secure, and eco-friendly solutions to:

  • Icon of Secure Data Destruction
    Secure Data Destruction

    We are trusted e-Scrap recycler partner, helping IT industry across India with the recycling and trashing of electronics. If your company needs to dispose of devices and systems that store sensitive data, we are whom you can trust for secure data destruction services. Our corporate e-waste solutions ensure you do not incur potential data theft, breaches, and loss.

  • Icon of Electronics Recycling (WEEE)
    Electronics Recycling (WEEE)

    USH India holds expertise in recycling old electronic products, such as computers, circuit boards, telephone equipment, communication systems, and more. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, we provide a complete solution to electronics recycling, from collecting to dismantling and shredding.

  • Icon of IT Liquidation
    IT Liquidation

    We, at USH India, adopt a collaborative approach tailored to your specific needs. Let us be your partner in managing your IT equipment and office electronics that are no longer needed.

  • Icon of IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)
    IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)

    Your retired IT assets are no more a problem with USH India providing sustainable solutions to their safe disposal. With progressive experience in managing and recycling e-waste, we help IT companies with the safe removal and disposition of their unwanted IT equipment.

  • Icon of Hard Drive Shredding
    Hard Drive Shredding

    Let us help you shred discs, hard drives, tapes, and other storage media safely. Our hard-drive shredding capabilities guarantee you don’t have to bear the risk of potential data theft and breaches.

  • Icon of Removal and Relocation
    Removal and Relocation

    Protect your computer equipment and IT technologies from getting damaged in transit. Our highly reliable IT removal and relocation services ensure the safe removal, transportation, and relocation of data centres, telecommunication gears, large power systems, and other crucial IT assets.

  • Icon of Global IT Services
    Global IT Services

    We are an industry expert offering compliant and environmental-friendly global IT services to enterprises having global footprints. Contact us for customized and sustainable IT Assets Destruction (ITAD) solutions. At USH India, a reputed e-waste management company in India, you will find a single point of contact to meet all your IT disposal needs.

  • Icon of Long Term Solutions
    Long Term Solutions

    Whether you are company based in India or an entity having global footprints, USH India brings you a single source for complete, safe and sustainable disposal of IT equipment and consumer electronics. Our end-to-end processes include annual contract of e-waste collection, collection services, and IT asset auditing & reporting.

What are the Benefits of e-waste recycling?

  • We live in a world surrounded by electronics. Everywhere, from home and office to outdoors, we use a range of electronic products for one purpose or the other. There is no denying the fact that our dependence on electronics has increased by leaps and bounds over the years. We cannot also overlook or turn a blind eye to the potential danger posed by electronic garbage, which has continued to occupy substantial landfill space on the earth, giving birth to numerous health and environmental issues. The fast degrading health of the environment makes e-waste management a requisite. We are on a stage of now or never. It is high time we looked for an e-waste recycling company to contribute our part to make the world free from electronic garbage. Are we ready? Here are the benefits of e-waste recycling.

  • It conserves natural resources

    E-waste recycling helps recover many reusable materials. The materials regained can be used to manufacture new products. It minimizes the need for mining or extracting new raw material.

  • It saves the environment

    Many electroniccomponents contain toxic materials, such as mercury and lead, which can be harmful and hazardous for our environment if not disposed of safely.

  • It creates employment

    E-waste recycling creates new jobs in the recycling, logistic, and manufacturing industries. Also, it gives birth to a second market for recycled components and products.

Electronics Recycle Circle
  • It saves landfill space

    After getting expired, most electronic products end in the landfills of so-called metro cities and their outskirts. Not surprisingly, unattended, dead electronics and their components have a fair share in high-rise garbage heaps. E-waste recycling solutions are the only way to minimize and stop the accumulation of electronic garbage in the landfill space.

  • It supports community

    Recycling can support the community. It makes products reusable, reducing the burden of unwanted electronic waste on the earth. Refurbished electronic products can be a great help for a diverse population, including low-income groups, schools, and non-profit organizations.

What We Recycle?

Recycling E-Scrap to Keeping the Earth Clean. We dispose of and recycle old, retired, and dead IT equipment and consumer electronics that are no longer usable or sellable. The e-waste categories we cover include:

Why Choose Us?

Choose us for Prompt, Compliant and Sustainable e-Waste recycling solutions

  • Icon of Secure

    Securely handling devices containing redundant data with lower risks and higher responsibilities. Our expert professionals ensure safe data destruction and secure transportation.

  • Icon of Certified

    We are a certified company maintaining compliance and registration to ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards. Also, heavily ensured for cyber security, general liability, and pollution liability.

  • Icon of Highest

    We are an expert at selling assets on various secondary market channels. By carefully assessing the value of your assets, we provide your firm with maximum returns.

  • Icon of Envirnoment

    Our prime focus is on ensuring the reuse of assets wherever possible. Anything that cannot be reused is recycled properly in an environmental-friendly way.

  • Icon of Quick

    We understand the value of time. The services we offer are prompt enough to complete the project within the deadline.

  • Icon of Compliance

    We don’t just deliver sustainable solutions but trust and transparency in whatever we do. It makes us stand out as a trusted e-Waste company in India.

  • Icon of Documentation

    USH India uses advanced reporting tools to provide clients with accurate and complete details of the work done. Our documentation meets the compliance and industry regulations.

  • Icon of Social

    We are a socially responsible company offering a range of services that support the community. Helping low-income families and a spectrum of organizations that need low-cost, recycled computers and IT equipment.


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Love the way it serves. USHindia is a trusted company that treats its clients with personalized attention. Our experience with them has been more than satisfying. They are quick, responsive, and compliant to whatever they do.

It's good to have been served by USH. Can’t thank them enough for their help in the safe and responsible disposal of our waste IT assets. Their pickup services are superfast.

The staff is friendly and dedicated to their jobs. We have been using USH’s services for a couple of years now for on-site data destruction and shredding of our IT assets. They have never given us any chance of complaint.

Really happy with their services and staff. They delivered what they promised. Their e-waste recycling solutions are impeccable.

USH took better care of our IT assets. We hired them for off-site IT asset disposal and are happy with the company. Our experience with them up to now is satisfactory.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • E-waste recycling is the process of properly disposing of electronic waste, such as old or broken electronic devices, in an environmentally responsible manner. This includes the recycling of valuable materials, the safe disposal of hazardous materials, and the prevention of toxic chemicals from entering the environment.

  • E-waste recycling is important because it helps to reduce the harm caused by improper disposal of electronic waste. This includes the release of toxic chemicals into the environment, the contamination of soil and water, and the release of harmful pollutants that contribute to climate change. E-waste recycling also helps to preserve valuable resources and create new jobs and economic opportunities.

  • E-waste recycling companies typically accept a wide range of electronic waste, including computers, televisions, cell phones, printers, and other small electronics. Some companies may also accept larger appliances, such as refrigerators and washing machines.

  • You can recycle your e-waste by contacting a professional e-waste recycling company. Many e-waste recycling companies offer pickup and drop-off services, as well as in-person drop-off locations. Some companies may also accept e-waste through mail-in programs.

  • Yes, e-waste recycling is safe when performed by professional e-waste recycling companies that use safe and responsible e-waste management practices. These companies take steps to ensure that hazardous materials are safely disposed of, and that toxic chemicals are prevented from entering the environment.

  • There may be restrictions on e-waste recycling depending on your location and the type of electronic waste you want to recycle. Some e-waste may be regulated by government agencies, and some materials may be restricted due to environmental or health concerns. It is important to contact a professional e-waste recycling company to understand the restrictions and regulations that apply to your specific situation.

  • After your e-waste is recycled, it is processed in a safe and responsible manner to recover valuable materials and prevent the release of toxic chemicals into the environment. The recovered materials may be used to manufacture new products, while hazardous materials are safely disposed of to prevent harm to the environment and public health.

  • With the Internet and technology becoming a requisite for everything we do today at home or work, the growing e-waste is posing alarming threats for generations to come. Merely depositing them in the landfill and harping about being environmentally conscious is no solution to the problem. Every year millions of tons of e-waste are generated and left untreated, which causes massive environmental degradation.

    This electronic waste typically includes discarded computers, motherboards, audio & video devices, mobile phones, chargers, batteries, television sets, headphones, consumer electronics, and so much more. Safe and eco-friendly management of this garbage is known as e-waste management. The material or equipment being recycled or managed undergo scientific recycling methods performed by certified dismantlers and e-waste management companies in India.

  • When talking about the causes of e-waste, there are many. The first is the lack of awareness. The majority of the population is unaware of the health hazards of e-waste. More surprisingly, they are indifferent to even environmental threats of the e-garbage, which is growing at an alarming rate.

    Another cause is the improper treatment of retired electronic equipment. Such devices are left unattended and unused for years, eventually ending in landfills and contributing to global e-waste. Our over-dependence on electronic products has led us to where e-waste management is the need of the hour. Not to worry, USHindia, the best e-waste recycling company in India, manages, collects, dismantles, and disposes of your retired electronic equipment in an environmentally conscious matter.

  • E-waste can be any electronic equipment or device that has reached the end of life and is left untreated to add to the environmental pollution. It typically includes CPUs, monitors, hard drives, discs, storage devices, audio & video systems, speakers, batteries, home appliances, etc. These electronics often contain toxic chemicals and hazardous materials, such as plastic, metals, glass, mercury, etc.

    As for e-waste recycling, it is one of the most talked-about issues associated with the environment. It is the process of re-processing and reusing these devices and components. The entire process involves collecting, storing, sorting, dismantling, shredding, and recovering metals and other usable materials. USHindia, the spearhead in the industry, provides you with reliable and sustainable e-waste management services.

  • Environmental-friendly e-waste management helps offset the negative impacts of electronic garbage on the environment. It also provides several benefits to the firms requiring recycling of their e-waste, mainly through material reuse.

    E-waste recycling companies in India, including USH, have been pushing for greater awareness of the problem and urging businesses across industry verticals to take greater responsibility for their e-waste products. Sustainable management of electronic waste, which has alarmingly continued to grow over the years, is, therefore, crucial for a healthy future.

  • E-waste management companies in India and abroad help you reclaim the value of retired electronics and securely dispose of any electronic equipment that cannot be resold. These firms protect privacy, ensure compliance, and safeguard the environment with scientific and tested methods of recycling electronic garbage.

    While rendering their services, these companies ensure timely pickup of your dead electronics, secure recovery of your critical data, sustainable recycling and shredding.

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