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Electronic Recycling Solutions in India | E-Waste Management

E-waste is the acronym for digital waste. Trash stems from broken, obsolete, surplus digital equipment. You may also hear humans consult with it as e-scrap.

Those electronic routines contain toxic chemical compounds and unsafe materials. When you don’t turn off those electronics, they can become the object of discharging toxic substances into our environment.

E-waste recycling then refers to the reprocessing then reusing of those digital waste. It’s simple. It is a technology that seeks to get a better cloth out of digital waste. That way, you can use them in new digital products.

These digital waste can be within the size of home appliances such as your air conditioner, TV, electric cooker, air condenser, heater, DVD, fan, microwave, and radio. They can also be within the size of fact tech gadgets like your computer, laptop, cell phone, battery, hard disk, circuit board, and monitor.

You need to realize that e-waste is very important as electronics have a brief beneficial existence. They become digital garbage.

E-waste recycling is one of the most talked-about problems international today because of its potential to reduce environmental risks and pollution. Likewise, it can protect our lives as people, and the various existential paperwork that exists in our international. E-waste recycling is the reuse and reprocessing of any type of electrical or digital gadgets that has been discarded or seems to be obsolete.

Some components related to e-waste can be recycled.

So, you would agree that e-waste recycling is an activity that you need to motivate at some level, or you are trying to develop an interest in e-waste recycling. If so, you know we can recycle.

So there are some things on it, which can be recycled like plastic, glass, mercury, gold, copper hard disk, silver, metal, etc.

Our Capabilities/Services & Solutions

Partner with UTM India, the best e-waste management company in India, for reliable, secure, and eco-friendly solutions to:

  • Icon of Secure Data Destruction
    Secure Data Destruction

    We are a trusted e-scrap recycler helping businesses across India with the recycling and trashing of electronics. If your company needs to dispose of devices and systems that store sensitive data, we are whom you can trust for secure data destruction services. Our corporate e-waste solutions ensure you do not incur potential data theft, breaches, and loss.

  • Icon of Electronics Recycling (WEEE)
    Electronics Recycling (WEEE)

    UTM India holds expertise in recycling old electronic products, such as computers, circuit boards, telephone equipment, communication systems, and more. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, we provide a complete solution to electronics recycling, from collecting to dismantling and shredding.

  • Icon of IT Liquidation
    IT Liquidation

    We, at UTM India, adopt a collaborative approach tailored to your specific needs. Let us be your partner in managing your IT equipment and office electronics that are no longer needed.

  • Icon of IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)
    IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)

    Your retired IT assets are no more a problem with UTM India providing sustainable solutions to their safe disposal. With progressive experience in managing and recycling e-waste, we help IT companies with the safe removal and disposition of their unwanted IT equipment.

  • Icon of Hard Drive Shredding
    Hard Drive Shredding

    Let us help you shred discs, hard drives, tapes, and other storage media safely. Our hard-drive shredding capabilities guarantee you don’t have to bear the risk of potential data theft and breaches.

  • Icon of Removal and Relocation
    Removal and Relocation

    Protect your computer equipment and IT technologies from getting damaged in transit. Our highly reliable IT removal and relocation services ensure the safe removal, transportation, and relocation of data centres, telecommunication gears, large power systems, and other crucial IT assets.

  • Icon of Global IT Services
    Global IT Services

    We are an industry expert offering compliant and environmental-friendly global IT services to enterprises having global footprints. Contact us for customized and sustainable IT Assets Destruction (ITAD) solutions. At UTM India, a reputed e-waste management company in India, you will find a single point of contact to meet all your IT disposal needs.

  • Icon of Long Term Solutions
    Long Term Solutions

    Whether you are company based in India or an entity having global footprints, UTM India brings you a single source for complete, safe and sustainable disposal of IT equipment and consumer electronics. Our end-to-end processes include annual contract of e-waste collection, collection services, and IT asset auditing & reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • First, we have to make people aware that the way they recycle things like paper, plastic, iron, and metal in the same way, it is very important to recycle bad phones and laptops. After that, used electronic equipment should be taken out of the dustbin, landfill. Only those tools should remain in our cupboard or drawer which is worth using. The good thing for us is that we have the best ways to solve the problems related to e-waste, one of which is the method of recycling.

  • If we do not keep the e-waste to recycle, if we leave it like this, then it can take a terrible form in the coming time because if the e-waste is not disposed of. So, both heavy metals, and flame retardants from e-waste can enter the soil, and cause contamination of groundwater or crops in the region soon. Until people will not come to know about it, these things will continue to go on like this, so first, we have to make people aware that which things can be recycled again.

  • E-waste is a piece of electrical equipment, waste items that are defective, not in working condition, or out of warranty or the machine is on the verge of extinction. If it is not sold in the shop, then the e-waste is buried in the ground. It is dangerous because of the toxic chemicals which help to damage nature from the metals inside when buried. Such as laptops, TVs, computers, copiers, fax machines, phones, etc. are electronic products in daily use.

What Clients Say?

Wilsson Meena

Wilsson Meena


UTM India is the best electronic recycling company. Which is used by many people. I am very impressed with UTM India. I am proud of myself that I found this company. They process our e-waste safe and correct. It’s great to know that they will dispose of our electronic waste, without worrying about the process.

Neha Sekhawat

Neha Sekhawat


Some time back, we thought of recycling our e-waste. For which we needed an e-waste recycling company. Then we met UTM India, and we were thrilled with their service. He made the process of e-waste recycling simple, quick and painless. His staff was also good.

Ahmed Pathan

Ahmed Pathan


I would like to say that UTM India has done an amazing job of managing the recycling of our e-waste. They provide a high level and efficient service while doing an excellent job in meeting our recycling needs. It’s a pleasure doing business with them.