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Global Recycling Solutions | E-Waste Management Solution

We deal in E-waste all over India. Our work is done with determination and complete honesty. We take your old electronic waste, which is of no use to you. After that we check your device if there is any data in your machine which can be misused by any cyber criminal or any vicious thief. So we exterminate that data. It doesn't go into someone else's hands and they can't misuse your data.

UTM India does e-waste work all over pan India. We do not raise e-waste of other countries. And even if it comes for any benefit, we do not keep it. Repairs them and returns them.

Our Capabilities/Services & Solutions

Partner with UTM India, the best e-waste management company in India, for reliable, secure, and eco-friendly solutions to:

  • Icon of Secure Data Destruction
    Secure Data Destruction

    We are a trusted e-scrap recycler helping businesses across India with the recycling and trashing of electronics. If your company needs to dispose of devices and systems that store sensitive data, we are whom you can trust for secure data destruction services. Our corporate e-waste solutions ensure you do not incur potential data theft, breaches, and loss.

  • Icon of Electronics Recycling (WEEE)
    Electronics Recycling (WEEE)

    UTM India holds expertise in recycling old electronic products, such as computers, circuit boards, telephone equipment, communication systems, and more. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, we provide a complete solution to electronics recycling, from collecting to dismantling and shredding.

  • Icon of IT Liquidation
    IT Liquidation

    We, at UTM India, adopt a collaborative approach tailored to your specific needs. Let us be your partner in managing your IT equipment and office electronics that are no longer needed.

  • Icon of IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)
    IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)

    Your retired IT assets are no more a problem with UTM India providing sustainable solutions to their safe disposal. With progressive experience in managing and recycling e-waste, we help IT companies with the safe removal and disposition of their unwanted IT equipment.

  • Icon of Hard Drive Shredding
    Hard Drive Shredding

    Let us help you shred discs, hard drives, tapes, and other storage media safely. Our hard-drive shredding capabilities guarantee you don’t have to bear the risk of potential data theft and breaches.

  • Icon of Removal and Relocation
    Removal and Relocation

    Protect your computer equipment and IT technologies from getting damaged in transit. Our highly reliable IT removal and relocation services ensure the safe removal, transportation, and relocation of data centres, telecommunication gears, large power systems, and other crucial IT assets.

  • Icon of Global IT Services
    Global IT Services

    We are an industry expert offering compliant and environmental-friendly global IT services to enterprises having global footprints. Contact us for customized and sustainable IT Assets Destruction (ITAD) solutions. At UTM India, a reputed e-waste management company in India, you will find a single point of contact to meet all your IT disposal needs.

  • Icon of Long Term Solutions
    Long Term Solutions

    Whether you are company based in India or an entity having global footprints, UTM India brings you a single source for complete, safe and sustainable disposal of IT equipment and consumer electronics. Our end-to-end processes include annual contract of e-waste collection, collection services, and IT asset auditing & reporting.

Our Hardworking Team

Sachin Mehra

Sachin Mehra

Chief Executive Officer
Chandra Prakash

Chandra Prakash

Product Manager
Pankaj Joshi

Pankaj Joshi

Raman Rai

Raman Rai


We are a group of subject matter experts and IT engineers, each having years of experience in their respective fields. At UTM India, the workforce takes the driver’s seat and motivates us to deliver better than the best. Our belief in our team has enabled us to continue growing the way we have been over the years. As a team with many hands one goal, we ensure our clients get connected and satisfied. We adopt a collaborative approach to taking work as a challenge, and it is the mantra of our success as a renowned e-waste management company in India.

What We Recycle?

Recycling E-Scrap to Keeping the Earth Clean. We dispose of and recycle old, retired, and dead IT equipment and consumer electronics that are no longer usable or sellable. The e-waste categories we cover include:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • UTM India picks up your e-waste at reasonable rates, checks your device and deletes all its data. After that, if your device is repairable. So repairs it, otherwise disassembles the parts of your device. Recyclable things are recycled, otherwise they are disposed of. This is how UTM India works for you.

  • There is a popular, informal term for electronic products nearing the end of their useful lives: e-waste. Computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines are some examples. These products can often be refurbished, repurposed, or recycled.

  • First, we have to make people aware that the way they recycle things like paper, plastic, iron and metal, it is very important to recycle bad phones and laptops as well. Our cupboards or drawers should contain only those tools which are usable. The good news for us is that we have the best ways to solve e-waste issues.

What Clients Say?

Abhi Shakya

Abhi Shakya


UTM India helped me grow my business. I was helped in all the projects in my career from start to finish. I was informed about everything from time to time. Which helped me move forward. All these projects gave me significant results. I will always be ready whenever I have time to join UTM India. I appreciated UTM India.

Avni Pal

Avni Pal


I am very impressed with UTM India. They trying to solve the problem related to the waste. Whether it is now to make people aware or to remove e-waste from the world, we all know that many diseases related to e-waste drown us. We should support UTM India to get rid of damages, many other things.

Prateek Loha

Prateek Loha


It was our privilege to be associated with UTM India. UTM India has been very ‘supportive’ over the past year. The last year of 2020 has been very difficult for everyone, especially the hospitality industry, which has seen the journey almost come to a grinding halt. UTM India has stood strong in difficult times, understood our problems, and solved them very well. They have always responded quick when we had questions.