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IT Asset Disposal | E-Waste Recycling Solution

What is IT asset disposition (ITAD)?

The term IT asset disposal refers to a method of repair or disposal of unwanted IT equipment in an environment responsible and safe manner. E.g., reuse, recycling, The IT organization may dispose of the IT assets on its own, or may hire a specialized vendor to do so. While not ending up in a landfill as e-waste, or electronic waste, the device’s internal components can be reused. In this way, waste like plastic and heavy metals can harm the environment. When many companies have a systematic replacement cycle for their electronic components. Then, enterprises with outdated hardware must decide whether to refurbish, resell, recycle, or dispose of their equipment. Some components of the IT asset disposal process are handled internal by IT asset management, procurement, or risk management teams. Companies can also partner with outside businesses, requiring that they be experts in ITAD.

Stages of IT Asset Disposal

To ensure IT assets are properly treated before entering disposal programs, follow these steps: Identity which assets have reached the end of their useful life and mark them for disposal. Classify the computer whether it contains data. Before doing this, you need to define what data warehousing means for your business. For example, data-carrying assets can include devices such as servers, laptops, mobile devices, graphics and video cards, thumb drives, and more. Prepare assets for disposal. Keep follow-up and audit documentation up to date. To reduce the number of processes, checklists, and tasks to follow for each organization, group assets by the disposal process you use (e.g.). You can also include tasks associated with recycling or reuse of your team and show that you have removed it safe and environmental compatibility.

USH India Recycler's: One Stop & Solutions For IT Assest Disposal

We consider each and every client as partner with USH India who stand with us,We have more than 10+yr of experiecence in waste recycling. We are the Top 10 e-Waste management company in India, we consider for reliable, secure, and eco-friendly solutions to:

  • Icon of Secure Data Destruction
    Secure Data Destruction

    We are trusted e-Scrap recycler partner, helping IT industry across India with the recycling and trashing of electronics. If your company needs to dispose of devices and systems that store sensitive data, we are whom you can trust for secure data destruction services. Our corporate e-waste solutions ensure you do not incur potential data theft, breaches, and loss.

  • Icon of Electronics Recycling (WEEE)
    Electronics Recycling (WEEE)

    USH India holds expertise in recycling old electronic products, such as computers, circuit boards, telephone equipment, communication systems, and more. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, we provide a complete solution to electronics recycling, from collecting to dismantling and shredding.

  • Icon of IT Liquidation
    IT Liquidation

    We, at USH India, adopt a collaborative approach tailored to your specific needs. Let us be your partner in managing your IT equipment and office electronics that are no longer needed.

  • Icon of IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)
    IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)

    Your retired IT assets are no more a problem with USH India providing sustainable solutions to their safe disposal. With progressive experience in managing and recycling e-waste, we help IT companies with the safe removal and disposition of their unwanted IT equipment.

  • Icon of Hard Drive Shredding
    Hard Drive Shredding

    Let us help you shred discs, hard drives, tapes, and other storage media safely. Our hard-drive shredding capabilities guarantee you don’t have to bear the risk of potential data theft and breaches.

  • Icon of Removal and Relocation
    Removal and Relocation

    Protect your computer equipment and IT technologies from getting damaged in transit. Our highly reliable IT removal and relocation services ensure the safe removal, transportation, and relocation of data centres, telecommunication gears, large power systems, and other crucial IT assets.

  • Icon of Global IT Services
    Global IT Services

    We are an industry expert offering compliant and environmental-friendly global IT services to enterprises having global footprints. Contact us for customized and sustainable IT Assets Destruction (ITAD) solutions. At USH India, a reputed e-waste management company in India, you will find a single point of contact to meet all your IT disposal needs.

  • Icon of Long Term Solutions
    Long Term Solutions

    Whether you are company based in India or an entity having global footprints, USH India brings you a single source for complete, safe and sustainable disposal of IT equipment and consumer electronics. Our end-to-end processes include annual contract of e-waste collection, collection services, and IT asset auditing & reporting.

What We Recycle?

Recycling E-Scrap to Keeping the Earth Clean. We dispose of and recycle old, retired, and dead IT equipment and consumer electronics that are no longer usable or sellable. The e-waste categories we cover include:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • An asset is a resource of economic value, which is owned by a person, company, or country, expecting it will yield benefits in the foreseeable future. Assets are recognized from the company’s balance sheet. It is bought or made to increase the value of the company or to increase profits from the operations of the company.

  • Asset disposal is one in which an electronic storage device or laptop computer is removed from its place when it is of no use. It is then handed over to a third party for recycling or disposal. It doesn't cause any trouble in the future.

  • We must dispose of immovable assets when an asset is no longer usable, a company sells it to another party or asks for its disposal. First, the property must be tested whether it is worth using. If the asset is useful, the decision to recycle it can be damaging. If the asset is not useful, destroying it may be a ‘good’ decision.

What Clients Say?

Raghav Chadda

Raghav Chadda

LIC Agent

I have been using UTMindia for over 3 years now. They have always proved to be very courteous professionals. They provide a quick and easy service. UTMindia has always been my trustworthiness. The team here The performance has also been very ‘good’, here I do not face any kind of problem. All the work gets completed in very little time. Any work gets completed in very time. Thanks to all, I appreciate your work.




I would like to show my appreciation for the professionalism and support I have received from UTMindia. They are always there to help us when we need them. UTMindia is fast, efficient and reliable for us. We look forward to the future. Will doubtless continue to use them for any project.

Surendra Sharma

Surendra Sharma


We have worked with UTMindia for many years. They have great ideas for refurbishing and reselling or recycling our computers and other electronic devices. As part of the profit-sharing model, they dispose of our equipment for us while providing us with significant revenue. I recommend working with UTMindia.