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Long Term Solution | E-Waste Recycling Company in India

In today’s time, everyone is using electronic gadgets. Whether it is a child or an elder, everyone needs it. Now people purchase a new device according to their needs and sell the old device with no worries or give it to someone. Due to which there is also a fear of their data being misused. Along with this, the umbrella also reaches the environment. Why is the device sold to whomever? He does not know about how to dispose of it. Due to which he throws metal, copper, gold, glass, plastic at the same time.

Some people delete all their important data while leaving their old device, so that it is not misused. Which is a wonderful decision. Then think that now this data will not go in the hands of anyone. So do you think that this way your data is completed lost? Now will never come back again. If so, then you are thinking wrong. Getting your data back is no big deal for today’s ‘vicious’ thieves or cyber criminals.

Here UTM provides you long-term solution in India. When you hand over your old device to UTMindia for disposal, we give you a long-term solution. First, we destroy your data, after that we separate all its parts. For example, after separating plastic, copper, gold, glass, silver, brass, other and all other parts, we recycle them which are usable. In this way, your data is destroyed for the long-term.

Why Choose Us?

Choose us for Prompt, Compliant and Sustainable e-Waste recycling solutions

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    Securely handling devices containing redundant data with lower risks and higher responsibilities. Our expert professionals ensure safe data destruction and secure transportation.

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    We are a certified company maintaining compliance and registration to ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards. Also, heavily ensured for cyber security, general liability, and pollution liability.

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    We are an expert at selling assets on various secondary market channels. By carefully assessing the value of your assets, we provide your firm with maximum returns.

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    Our prime focus is on ensuring the reuse of assets wherever possible. Anything that cannot be reused is recycled properly in an environmental-friendly way.

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    We understand the value of time. The services we offer are prompt enough to complete the project within the deadline.

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    We don’t just deliver sustainable solutions but trust and transparency in whatever we do. It makes us stand out as a trusted e-Waste company in India.

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    USH India uses advanced reporting tools to provide clients with accurate and complete details of the work done. Our documentation meets the compliance and industry regulations.

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    We are a socially responsible company offering a range of services that support the community. Helping low-income families and a spectrum of organizations that need low-cost, recycled computers and IT equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Long-term effects include signs of mutation in animals, cancer and other diseases in humans, waste in our waterways and green spaces, and the destruction of many natural resources. Due to which our environment seems to get worse.

  • The more waste we generate, the more emissions it produces. Due to which people can have diseases like asthma, birth defects, cancer, heart disease, childhood cancer, COPD, infectious diseases, low birth weight and premature delivery. Along with the health of human beings, they also pollute our environment.

  • When e-waste is disposed of improper manner, the metals, mercury, plastic and glass in e-waste pollute the air. Also found in waterways. Recycling of e-waste reduces the demand for mining of metals.

What Clients Say?




E-waste disposal is a very important task for all. I had my old laptop, which now wanted to throw away. I had old data in it, which I could not destroy, so I found it risky to throw it away. Then my friend advised me to go to UTMindia, when I went there, first I told him about my problem. After listening to my problem, they fixed the problem forever.

Rohit Gangwar

Rohit Gangwar

LIC Agent

We are new customers of UTMindia. When we got the first pickup service. Then I realized that choosing UTMindia was the best decision for our company. They make things so much easier for us, and help us protect our clients’ confidential information. I will recommend all of you must join UTMindia in the future.



Business Developer

This is a commendation letter for the UTM, India. We appreciate the work of UTMindia. They could be ‘flexible’ according to the work. We had to remove all the old e-waste from our office. For which the team of UTMindia helped us a lot by nesting the data of all our devices and putting it in the right place. It is a privilege to be dealing with UTMindia. Their service has always been quick and friendly.