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Hard Drive Shredding Solution | Electronics Recycling

UTMindia defines a hard drive shredder as ‘mechanical equipment that physically destroys an old hard drive in this way. After which, it is not possible to get the data again on that hard drive. The machine makes it easy to cut the casing and disc or detach the plate on which the data is stored. The plastic and metal of the hard drive are machined using razor-sharp blades.

Uses of a hard drive shredder

Deleting or arranging the data on the hard drive is not enough. Today’s hackers find useful things, even after the data is separated, even if you create new data on the old data, even then it will not be safe because we have not one or the other on the drive. There is a backup or old storage. There are some programmers who make such software, which helps to hide your old data. Hackers find some way or the other to get that data again. If you think that by breaking the disc or because of physical damage, the data kept in that disc will be lost, then this thing can also prove to be wrong, because if even a part of the disc is left intact, then the data it’s easy to get back.

The benefit of using a hard drive shredder

The advantage of a hard drive shredder is that it can exterminate the recoverable data from your hard drive. So that no one can misuse your hard drive data. Today’s cyber criminals or thieves use software to misuse your data. Due to which you get into trouble.

Mechanical hard drives shredders do their work by shredding hard drives. The old hard drives destroyed physical so that the information on them can never be recovered. The process involves stripping every track on every plate in the drive.

There are many people who believe that they have deleted files, data, or overwritten existing files by a professional, so their information is completed lost. Sad to say, this is not always true. It is possible to recover your data if the hard drive is kept.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Hard drive shredding is one of the most reliable methods of destroying hard drives. In this process, the drive is run through a shredder, which breaks it up into tiny bits. As hard drives store data on platters, cutting them up into small pieces renders the drive and any data on it useless.

  • A hard drive can be destroyed by erasing the data, then disassembling the parts to protect it. It is important to check that you are not giving away any personal information when giving, selling, or recycling a computer.

  • There are many more creative ways you can destroy your hard drive, such as starting a fire, sawing, or magnetizing. However, simple scratch the hard drive disc or breaking it somewhat with a hammer will get the job done.

What Clients Say?

Vishal Bhoora

Vishal Bhoora


I had 2 Desktop hard drives and a laptop hard drive that I needed to destroy. My oldest desktop hard drive had a sturdy and chunky metal enclosure. After removing it from my desktop several years ago, I kept looking for ways to open it. I bought all kinds of new screwdriver tips, asked my friends several more ways, yet none of us had the right tools to get the screws out of the covers and into the platters. Then I came to know about UTMindia. They got me out of this problem. It took them just 10 minutes to remove the hard drive from the laptop.

Meera Kapri

Meera Kapri


I had a lot of old disc drives I wanted to throw in. For which I needed someone who would wipe the data off my drive. Then I came to know about UTMindia and after going there I thought it was right to hand over the disc to him. They exterminated my disc before my eyes. I was feeling much better now. He took 10 to 15 minutes for all these procedures.

Mukesh Singh

Mukesh Singh

Store Executive

I am thrilled with UTMindia. I had several hard drives. The ones I wasn’t using, but I didn’t want to throw away or sell just for fear that someone might retrieve sensitive data. UTMindia made my job easy, soon got me hassle free.