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Removal and Relocation Solutions for Electronics Waste

In today’s time, garbage has become a big problem for us. Be it household waste, office waste, temple waste or factory waste, anyone throws it anywhere without thinking about the future consequences. People clean their homes, offices and factories. But they forget that nature has to be taken care of. The government also tries to make people aware of the movement through TV commercials in the coming days. Even after still, people ignore it.

Because of the garbage, our environment is facing a lot of trouble. People are throwing trash anywhere. Plastic, metal, phone battery, copper, brass, food, cloth, wet-dry garbage are all being thrown away in one go, due to which animals, humans, eco are all getting spoiled. People are told again and again that your IT asset, house, wet and dry garbage should be thrown separate. No one cares about what's happening in the country.

Keep all these things in mind, UTMindia has taken steps to keep the environment clean. We collect all your IT waste. Then separate all the parts from it like brass, mercury, glass, metal, plastic, wires, and others. After that, they go to a different landfill and dispose. So that in the future there is no harm to humans, animals, and our environment. We request you too that your people should also emphasize on this matter and take full care of the environment. Contact us to settle your e-waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Most landfills lack proper on-site waste management. Which helps well to help in harming the environment. As a landfill leak over a long period, groundwater and some waste materials contaminate environmental habitats, making them difficult to manage. Due to all this, some unsafe gases are also formed.

  • There are many ways we can solve the problem of our landfills.

    • By eliminating plastic items.
    • By recycling old things.
    • Do not cook too much food.
    • By donating old cloths.
    • Don’t buy more stuff than you need.
    • Not buying packaging item.
  • Almost two-thirds of landfill waste is biodegradable. This waste decomposes, and generates harmful greenhouse gases, such as methane and co2. These also affect global warming. Landfills contaminate the local environment along with soil and water.

What Clients Say?

Kartar Singh

Kartar Singh


UTMindia has been collecting e-waste from our organization for several years. Their e-waste management is efficient and reliable. Collection, segregation, and transportation of e-waste to the recycling facility are all part of their process. Any person looking for e-waste management services has been notified of UTMindia. This service is recommended.

Shree Bela

Shree Bela


Very pleased with our UTMindia experience. UTMindia has made it very easy to remove our e-waste. The more efficiently they load our e-waste onto the truck, the more efficiently they fit it into storage. Also, their price is also very less. I have had no complaint from UTMindia till date. They do their work with honesty.

Nitin Yadav

Nitin Yadav


When I first heard about UTMindia, I came to know that this company removes e-waste. And for which he even pays money. I’ve seen nothing like this before, so I thought of trying it out. UTMindia team came to my office with their truck and took all the e-waste in one vehicle. I also got very good money which I did not expect. You must also get their service.